Alice Ellis was created to be what it needs to be. It takes the form that is currently in demand; an artist's initiative/an agency/booker/a platform/a business/reason to have diner/a website/a publisher/adviser/a collaboration/public space/or label/.../..../... 
Whoever you need us to be. 
Whatever we need it to be. 

Founded: January 2020 
Promotional video by Lo-Key Productions
'Rave Club For Two', a live recorded performance by Mye_Taai 

00:00 Intro 
00:42 Kebab Square 
04:08 Discarded Fractures 
05:48 Max & The Maximonsters 
09:07 Guinea Pigs 
12:40 Take A Second 

Session recorded at Barraka Studios, The Hague, NL 
Film Crew: Erick Hille & Marilou Klapwijk 
Director/Editing: Lo-Key Productions (Erick Hille) 
Audio Mixing/Sound: Mye_Taai 
Mye_Taai is Mike Eelkema & Rik Komaromi